Yet Another Blog…But Really What Choice Did I Have?

Hi, I’m Christine and I’m a blogging junkie.

Worse, I’m a new project junkie.

It seems that I will do anything, yes, ANYTHING to avoid finishing the projects I have started. And I don’t go halfway on this avoidance thing, I take it all the way.

One day I fell down the internet rabbit hole and discovered this term…Zentangle®. I read about it, didn’t understand it, and ordered a couple of books on the subject.

When they came in from the library I read the intros, scoffed at the idea of needing special cards, or special pens for that matter, and started trying out the patterns.


I wasn’t so hooked on the idea that Zentangle in and of itself was that special, or even that the highly recommended Official Zentangle Certified Teacher program was a must.

But then again, I’m a skeptic, it’s how I’m wired.

What I am is a believer…in the idea that everyone, EVERYONE, is an artist. And that has come as a result of my dabblings in Zentangle, so I must tip my hat to the creators of the name even if I prefer to call it something different.

So what do I call it?

Put simply, it is art. Calling it doodling is not only inaccurate, but rather demeaning in my mind.

Because in reality, this piece of art…


Is not that much different from this piece of art…


I love antique books. You wouldn’t consider that book a piece of doodling, would you?

In any case. I’ve caught the “art” bug bad. Bad enough to start yet another blog. Stay tuned, because I’m pretty sure I’ll be posting more of my projects before long.


About Christine

Business Owner, Professional Organizer, Writer, and Life Coach - I can damn near do it all!
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